Breeze – Cub Building Budapest 2017 September

A big Syrian country-side beehive dome, the adobe Cub is built at the Danube riverside between Szabadság bridge and Petőfi bridge at Műegyetem Rakpart.

The works start in the middle of September. The foundation needs to be very strong because the Danube river is near. This is causing unexpected costs and a lot of physical work.

After two weeks the work stops due to financial problems.  I am still waiting for volunteer workers and support and hope to finish the dome in spring 2018.


the beginning seemed hopeless, but then  some people came to help and we proceeded

Since I did not want to have only the basis of he unfinished house for the opening of Gaudiopolis- Off Biennale Budapest  I build quickly a small dome. which is approximately 160 cm high.  The technique is cyclops wall technique. There is no glue or mortal.  The statics is provided only by the game of the gravitating weights: At the bottom, I use very heavy rammed earth-blocks (adobe),  at the top light air-concrete ( Ytong).  The sones in the walls created further balance.

The  work Small Dome for Gaudiopolis  was inspired by an earlier work of mine, “The Gate” from the shown Future’s Dialect   Róza EL-Hassan and Martha Rosler in 2016.Here I used the first time adobe and Ytong  (environmental friendly light air concrete together.

The Gate, 2016:

Small Dome for Gaudiopolis, 2017

The lower parts are strong and stable the upper parts are light and therefore no burden for the lower parts.

SInce this building has no foundation, it has to be removed soon.

The structures are playful like a sketch in space, but they offer  a concept  for a real sustainable  dome and  combining adobe, stones ( or recycled bricks) and Ytong:


Róza El-Hassan


copyright at Anna Csörgő and Róza El-Hassan





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