Floating Gardens inbetween Skyscrapers – ” Semiramis in the Gulf”


Hanging Gardens for Skylines, drawings 1-4, 42×59 cm 2016 April, Copyright Róza El-Hassan



Hanging Gardens for Skylines, drawing 59×42 cm, 2016 April, Copyright Róza El-Hassan







This was came into being, since the skylines of the Arab Gukf were so inspiring and so were the big constructions and utopian buildings.

My futuristic idea is to connect the skyscrapers also on the high level around the 30th or the 50th floor and to add hanging gardens , bicycle roads,  streets to walk to to the upper level. This way we have a skyline, which reminds me of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon., which King Nebuchadnezzar II build for his wife Queen Amytis , who missed the green hills so much, we know these seven wonders of the ancient word also as Semiramis Hanging Gardens.


Hanging Gardens of Babylon, 19th century painting  by anonymous artist.


Hanging Gardens, Singapore.

The question arises, could we build such sustainable gardens floating in the air between the skyscrapers?  And how could we water them? Today we know several technologies to get  water from the air.  So we do not need to build pipelines. These technologies I will introduce later.

There has been  already at the beginning of the 20th century several ideas to connect skyscrapers with  high-road,  but seldom realized. One of these utopian images we can see on Fritz Lang’s film scenery Metropolis.

metro55      metropolis_productionstill_300dpi_15

Fritz Lang, Metropolis film animation beginning of 20th  century


Why Highroads instead of elevators only ,2016 April

When we want to walk from  the 50the floor of a skyscraper to visit the neighbor’s office or home, which is in the other skyscraper, on the 45th floor, we take the elevator, go 50  floors down and the we walk or drive to the other building and we go again 45 floors up with an elevator.



Burj Al Khalifa Metro Station Dubai / Pedestrian highway



Vertical Garden for Berlin

One example for a device, which extracts water from the air: Dew Bank by Kitea Pak — orogially designed for desert situation, but also useful among skyscrapers.




Roza El-Hassan 2016 May All right reserved












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