The Pioneers: Adobe Architecture since the Modernist Movement in 20th Century – Hassan Fathy – Cairo, Nader Khalili – Teheran , Anonymous Architects from Mexiko, black and white documentarist photo movement in Hungary – some of the most charismatic architects who worked with adobe , earth and sun-dried materials

Here follows some important links about the modernisation of adobe architecture in 20th century. The list is not alphabetic,  but ordered by the year of birth of the architects and archivists . They are all very important. This short list  includes  those  charismatic architects who were born and worked in the 20th century,  therefore those who followed  after 2010 are missing.

I did not add too much explanations and text  since I would like to show the beauty and the significant style of great architects like Hassan Fathy and  Nader Khalili.

Hassan Fathy – حسن فتحي 1900–1989


Fathy is called the pioneer of sustainable architecture – he designed earth-brick houses in Egypt for poor people – he was a great and elegant modernist thinker and architect


DCF 1.0





Hassan Fathy – drawing of natural air- condition methods and wind-fluctuation in traditional Arab windcatchers


Nader Khalili  –   نادر خلیلی 1936-2008

Born in Teheran,  departed in Los Angeles, California

Architect,  poet  and translator of Rumi literature.

Here are some of his  great buildings – light, spirituality and  important scientific inventions

hqdefault  RumiDomeInt1  adobe_on_moon

Khalili’s famous super-adobe idea  for astronauts, who could not carry bricks to the moon. The idea was to take empty sandbags up to the moon, fill them with moon-dust  and build a dome from sandbags.









Mexico and New Mexiko

renovation works –  an new reconstructed buildings – often be anonymous architects. I did not find their names  on the internet, only the locations. San Geronimo Church at Taos Pueblo by Karol M. “This is the church at Taos Pueblo, the northernmost of the New Mexico pueblo’s and the most original and beautiful….the churh is the NEWEST building in the pueblo….having been built in 1850 and is a National Historic Landmark…it replaced the original pueblo church which was destroyed by the US army in 1847 after a revolt by the natives…” Source:



earlier church, archives Taos Pueblo

1024px-Taos_Pueblo2 Taos Pueble, Mexiko

Tibor Sabján 1952  – 2009 born in Szekszárd, Hungary.

He is one of the important researchers of  the Hungarian anthropologist movement  of the 20th century.   He was architect,  photographer and ethnography capturing rural tradition and its details. Following his studies of architecture he  spend decades with  taking black and white photos  of rural architecture and design in  Central Europe and Hungary.    hagyomanyosfalak_STBM one of  his most important  books: Hagyományos falak (-Traditional Walls)   authors :Sabján Tíbor – Buzás Miklós ISBN: 9638630353 Oldalak száma: 140 Nyelv: magyar Formátum: 166 x 188 mm Kiadás éve: 2003 Kiadó: TERC Kft.  , László Kúnkovács’s   architecture  photos of preripherical buildings  and objects belongs also to his school

Kibbutz Lotan, Israel  since 1983

combines various structures of closed and open form, heavy and light structures, walls and windows


Sturcture from recycled material, Lotan


to be continued with architects from Asia, Europe and Africa.


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